About This Equilibrium Recipe

Extra Time Needed: 5 Minutes

Ingredients: Your journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 7 days

Potential Benefits: Mood, Health, Self-Care, Happiness

The Equilibrium Recipe


  1. Looking for a way to completely transition out of work in the evenings?

  2. In your NOTES + IDEAS section, start creating an End of Workday Ritual. This ritual will include a list of 5 things you’ll do the moment you get out of work. Each item on your list will correspond with 1 of the 5 senses.

  3. When your list is complete, use your DAILY TRACKER section to track your End of Workday Ritual

    Tip: Notice how the last 5 lines in your DAILY TRACKER section are darker. Those lines represent your evening regimen

Why This Recipe works

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when work ends and when life begins, especially in a time where many of us are working from home. A proper End of Workday Ritual tells your brain that the workday is over, and that it’s time to transition into a different mood and mindset.

One of the most powerful ways to inform your brain of a shift is to evoke your senses. By creating a ritual that stimulates all 5 senses, you let your brain know that it’s ready for a full transition.

Your turn! In the comments below, let us know what you’re going to do every day this week to help transition your brain out of the workday.