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In 2020, we developed The Equilibrium Questionnaire, launching our research initiative to connect the measurement of Equilibrium to mental health & wellness research. While still a new scale, we believe that it is a significant step toward understanding human mindset and the science behind living a fulfilled life.

How it works

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Below you will find a collection of assessments created by our team to help you study your patterns. Use these assessments to measure your progress as you experiment with new schedules and routines in your journal. If you have any assessment recommendations, please feel free to get in touch with us

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The Equilibrium Questionnaire

Background: The Equilibrium Questionnaire (EQ) is a 12-item, self-report questionnaire designed to assess an individual’s equilibrium levels. The items inquire about the degree to which an individual feels growth toward their ideal life and ideal self in their day to day lives, as well as various daily characteristics such as happiness and gratitude, excitement and motivation, fulfillment and balance, and focus and productivity.

Usage: EQ is in BETA mode, and is offered for personal use only. The copyright is held by When Toys Age LLC.

Assessments for you

Life Alignment Audit

Inspired by the principles of The Triple Alignment Model, this audit is designed to identify key areas of misalignment in your life, and to give you deeper clarity into where to properly focus your energy when approaching your life. 

The Equilibrium Questionnaire
& Anxiety Assessment

This assessment measures the EQ against the GAD-7

The Equilibrium Questionnaire & Depression Assessment​

This assessment measures the EQ against the PHQ-9

The Equilibrium Questionnaire
& Emotion Regulation
Strategies Assessment​

This assessment measures the EQ against the CERQ