Your Daytime Regimen

The purpose of your daytime regimen is to ensure that you have everything you need to live a full and complete day. When you think of it, your daytime regimen is pretty much a life management structure. So that’s exactly what we built for you.

Your daytime regimen includes everything from time blocking to mind mapping to organizing ideas to habit tracking and documenting your takeaways. As everyone’s days look a little different, we built a flexible framework that allows you to organize your time and ideas while tracking and documenting your life in a way that works for you. 

Again, you can add, experiment with, or exclude any of these items should you desire. If you’re looking for new ways to use these sections, head on over to The Equilibrium Lab to find some inspiration!

Find this 4-Step Regimen in the second row of your daily section

This is a completely customizable daily bullet space. You may use it to jot down notes and ideas, to write to-do lists, or even as a creative space to draw and unwind.

Your daily calendar is a space for you to time block and visualize your day. This section helps you stay focused and on track throughout the day. You may use this calendar alone or alongside a digital calendar to visualize, organize, and manage your schedule and commitments. You can even use it to track your energy and mood levels alongside your activites. 

This is a versatile tracker adaptable to a variety of uses. You can use it to track your daily habits, nutrition, mood, energy, feel-good moments, distractions, and so much more. 

You can check off lists or fill in bars and scales based on your visual preferences.

This section is great for free form writing and reflecting on your key lessons and takeaways from each day.

You can use it as a diary space, to write affirmations, for writing prompts, or even for coursework. Whatever you decide to use it for, this is a space for honesty, a space for you to unravel and cleanse your mind of the day. 

A quick reminder that there’s no need to fill out every section of your journal everyday. The Equilibrium Framework is designed to mirror a complete day in your life. We know that not everyday is going to be 100%, and by leaving spaces blank in your journal, you’re actually revealing patterns in your life that you may otherwise miss. Let your journal read your story back to you.

P.S. A big part of your journey is learning to find comfort in the white spaces of your journal and your life.