Your Morning Regimen

How you approach each morning sets the tone for your entire day. That’s why building a robust morning regimen is key to successful and well-balanced life. The goal of your morning regimen is to prime your mindset for your best day. Because consistency is key here, you want something simple that you can repeat every day.

After 3 years of research, design, and testing, we crafted the ultimate 4-step morning regimen that creates the foundation for the most powerful day. Wherever you are in life, this 4-step regimen has everything you need for a complete mindset primer. Of course you can add, experiment with, or exclude any of these items should you desire. For example, if you’re new to journaling, you may decide to start with one thing in the morning and build your regimen from there. 

We recommend that you start with this 4-step regimen before adding other items. Once you’re consistent with your morning regimen, you can head over to The Equilibrium Lab to spice it up.

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The very first thing you should do each morning is to align your day back to your weekly goals. Reviewing your goals first thing in the morning ensures that you take intentional steps toward meaningful progress.

When you consistently review your weekly goals in the morning, alignment becomes a habit and a reflex, and you’ll begin to see alignment in everything you do—from your daily tasks to your strategic goals, and ultimately, your entire life. Most importantly, you’ll learn to consistently measure for alignment in all that you do.


After you’ve reviewed your weekly goals, you’re ready to set your intentions for the day. Going into your day with 3 specific goals encourages you to stay focused and prepared, and gives you a sense of direction. 

After your daily goals are defined, take a step back and make sure they align back to your weekly goals. If something feels wrong, always go back and change it. 


After you’ve defined your top goals for the day, visualize your most successful day. What are the things you’re most looking forward to? 

This step kicks off each day with excitement and momentum, and gives you deeper clarity into the alignment in your life. For example, if you find yourself looking forward to your goals day after day, you’ll know that you’re living a life that propels you. On the other hand, if you find yourself dreading your work and looking forward to something else, then it might be time to reconsider your career path.


The very last step after visualizing your day is to take a look around you and list three things that you’re grateful for. Keeping a gratutude list not only helps you appreciate the things around you, but it also primes your mindset for a state of abundance and positivity. This is especially powerful in the morning when you’re preparing for the day.

A quick reminder that there’s no need to fill out every section of your journal everyday. The Equilibrium Framework is designed to mirror a complete day in your life. We know that not everyday is going to be 100%, and by leaving spaces blank in your journal, you’re actually revealing patterns in your life that you may otherwise miss. Let your journal read your story back to you.

P.S. A big part of your journey is learning to find comfort in the white spaces of your journal and your life.