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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our generation by elevating our mindset and the way we approach our lives. Combining an intuitive framework with meaningful experimentation, our journal mirrors your life and evokes a sense of alignment, balance, and growth in each day.

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Whether you’re a CEO, professional athlete, coach, or working parent of 5, The Equilibrium Journal is your one-stop destination to design, live, and grow your life

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Life is a journey of discovering what equilibrium looks and feels like in your life. Experience equilibrium through the eyes of inspired individuals

Dr. Molly Maloof
Entrepreneur, lecturer, physician
"Equilibrium is finding equanimity in the face of chaos."
Tyler Knott Gregson
Bestselling author
"Equilibrium is giving away every single bit I have to give away until I run out, and to stay true to exactly who I am until I'm all out of air."
Adrian Kay Wong
"Equilibrium is pushing our limitations and boundaries while being comfortable with our own imperfections and shortcomings."
Elisa Gomez
"Equilibrium is creating the work that moves me, the work that made me want to pursue art and painting in the first place."

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