A Journaler’s 1am AHA moment at the office

The idea for The Equilibrium Journal started a few years ago when I was building my first company, When Toys Age. At the time, I was using a productivity journal to stay on top of all my daily work and life goals. One night, I was at the office at 1am flipping through my journal and organizing my next day when I realize I am measuring my life by its productivity. No matter how focused or productive I was, I didn’t feel complete at the end of the day. There was so much more that I wanted in my days. That led me to the realization that kickstarted The Equilibrium Journal—

What I realized was that the framework we look at everyday becomes the mindset we live and measure our lives by. By using a productivity journal everyday, I was priming, tracking, and reinforcing productivity everyday. That became the mindset that I walked in and out of each day with, and ultimately, how I measured my success.

After this realization, I started incorporating health and creativity journals to stay balanced. That worked for a while, but it was a lot to manage. What I needed was one framework that I could customize to fit my unique goals and lifestyle. The market was saturated with productivity, creativity, health, and happiness journal, but not one that offered a complete, holistic perspective of each day. Not one flexible enough to support all the things I wanted out of my life.

I was determined to design a framework that helped each user to align their lives in one place and optimize each day according to their priorities — a framework so adaptable that it could tailor to each person’s unique journey. And most importantly, it had to support each user’s growth and encourage the user to continuously find new ways to add value to their lives. After over 2 years of researching, designing, testing, and using virtually every journal on the market, the framework for The Equilibrium Journal was finally created!

I knew deep in my soul that The Equilibrium Framework was just the very beginning, and that it had the capacity to drastically elevate our mindset and how we approach and measure our lives. My hope is that through The Equilibrium Journal, we can pave the way for our generation to collectively design more holistic, aligned, and growth-oriented lives and organizations.

Hillary Wen
Founder & creator @ The Equilibrium Journal