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The core design of the EQ Journal begins with the student. Our journal is designed to help high performing students achieve balanced success in all areas of their lives, including academic perfomance, health, and relationships.

We work with schools who share our mission in providing the new generation of young minds with the mindset and framework to cultivate structures for balanced growth and success in all areas of their lives. 

The key ingredient to each journal is The Equilibrium Framework, a framework designed to help give students a complete, balanced perspective into each day. Unlike the traditional student planner, our journal is built on science-backed structures for optimal perfomance, and is packed with mindset and lifestyle structures that help students build healthy sustainable habits. 

Each separate part of our journal comes together to help students build the most robust, balanced mindset and habits for long-term growth that stretch beyond their academic lives. 

Each journal also features The Equilibrium Roadmap, a Triple Alignment Model-inspired roadmap that aligns your goals with your bigger vision, and integrates them into your daily mindset, habits, and lifestyle. Deeply embedded with tons of mindset principles, The Equilibrium Journal is built with the complete roadmap, framework, and mindset to propel students toward the life they envision for themselves, the person they aspire to be. 

Yes. While The EQ Journal is designed with the same roadmap, framework, and mindset principles as The Equilibrium Journal, it is an annual journal that focuses on weekly growth and performance.

Nowadays, students are told that they need to be well-rounded and excel at everything in order to get into a good college, get a good job, and live a good life. They have to manage this impossible sense of perfectionism on top of the various everyday roles they play, like being a good child, sibling, partner, worker, friend, classmate, etc. This often leads to high levels of stress and conflict, both of which are detrimental to their mental health. This journal is created for the modern student looking for a healthy approach to managing their constantly shifting priorities.

School-life balance is critical for optimal academic functioning, for healthy relationships and support systems, and for a student’s physical and mental well-being. Because our school systems are focused on preparing students for success, an unintended consequence is that students are sometimes conditioned to prioritize academic success at the expense of other functions such as building relationships, personal development, and health-related activities. As adolescence is a critical developmental period for health and friendships, this creates a cycle of imbalance detrimental to not only their health and relationships, but ultimately, academic performance as well. The EQ Journal is a symbol of equilibrium that reinforces the interconnected pillars of academics, health, and relationships.

Adolescence is a vital time to develop the proper mindset, structures and habits that students will carry on through the rest of their lives. By reinforcing healthy habits early on, students are more equipped to manage both current and future stresses that will come their way. Furthermore, as this is a vulnerable time for their mental well-being, and it is critical that we reinforce the importance of health if we hope to see healthier generations.

By adopting The EQ journal, schools are making the statement that they value mental health and balance. This is everything to the teachers experiencing the detrimental effects of academic stress 100 students at a time, to the parents wondering why their child is stressed and unhappy, and to all of us who are wondering why our generation is suffering from such high rates of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Schools distribute planners to their students every year, why not adopt a journal that helps them build the habits they need to be successful and happy in life?

We wanted to deviate from the traditional plastic spiral-bound student planner for 2 reasons: 1) it gives students a beautiful piece to look forward to at the fresh start of each year and more importantly, 2) it teaches students the value of life management. 

If you give students a plastic spiral bound planner, they use it for school when they have to; if you give a student a beautiful leather-bound journal integrated with lifelong mindset principles, they want to learn more about how to use it to organize their lives. 

Yes, absolutely. If you want to choose a more targetted, daily approach, you can always choose The Equilibrium Journal. Keep in mind that The EQ Journal is an annual journal, and The Equilibrium Journal is a quarterly journal.

For middle and high school students, we recommend The EQ Journal. The EQ Journal is a dated annual journal designed for optimal weekly balance and perfomance. This journal is perfect for students who are developing their time and life management skills.

For college students, we recommend either The EQ Journal or The Equilibrium Journal, depending on the priorities and habits of the student. Some students may prefer a more laid-back, weekly view, while others are more structued and prefer a daily view.

Send us a note using the form below, and one of our specialists will reach out to you within 1-3 business days. Together, we’ll determine your needs and work together to build the perfect journal for your students. 

Absolutely! We offer branded journals as well as fully customized journals that we co-design with you to ensure that every section of every page comes together to serve your unique mission and goals.

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