A Daily Family Regimen To Inspire Positivity in Children

The Equilibrium Journal for Parenting

As working parents, we’re constantly managing our shifting priorities of parenting, work, relationships, and me time (we often forget this one!). Building a system to manage and integrate these priorities is vital for a happy, fulfilled life. 

The Equilibrium Journal is a life design & management system that adapts to each individual’s unique goals and lifestyle. The journal is based on a framework designed by When Toys Age founder, Hillary Wen, and is packed with structures to help shape our mindset and the way we approach our day to day lives. Because of its intuitive framework, The Equilibrium Journal is an exceptional tool for parents to enjoy quality time with their kids while also helping them build important mindset structures that set them up for long-term happiness and success.  Best part? It has tons of short & long-term benefits and really no downsides!

While The Equilibrium Journal aligns and integrates all these moving pieces, we’re going to focus solely today on building a family regimen that inspires positivity!

Equilibrium At Home

Building a regimen with your kids can be fun and some of the best moments you can share. You never know what moments your children will remember, so this is about turning the everyday moments into habits that will set them up for for success and guide them to be the best version of themselves. 

It’s also about setting a good example for your kids. They’re not the only ones visualizing and reflecting on their days; you and your partner are doing it too. 

Potential Regimen Benefits

  • Quality time as a family
  • Building family traditions that last
  • Cultivating strong habits early on (and understanding importance of habits)
  • Developing key mindset principles for positivity
  • Fostering understanding & empathy
  • Strengthening communication & relationships

Sample Family Regimen For Positivity

Morning: Breakfast Moments

"Today, I'm most looking forward to"
"This morning I'm grateful for"

These positivity mindset structures encourage children to 1) visualize their day and approach it from a place of excitement and 2) take a step back and appreciate the people and moments around them

(Pair this with "Happiest Moments" & "Tonight I'm grateful for" in the evenings)

Evening: Dinner Moments

"Happiest Moments"
"Tonight I'm grateful for"

These positivity mindset structures encourage children to 1) practice reflection and relive their favorite moments each day and 2) end the day in a place of gratitude and appreciation

(Pair this with "Today I'm most looking forward to" & "This morning I'm grateful for" in the evenings)

Nightime: Bedtime Moments

"What I'm most looking forward to tomorrow"

This positivity mindset structure encourages children to visualize their day and get into a state of excitement

(Pair this with "Today I'm most looking forward to"

How To Get Started

  1. Order an Equilibrium Journal for the family (or download a free copy here)
  2. Find a time where the whole family can sit down together every day
  3. Start with one mindset structure and build your regimen from there

Remember: Every single section of the daily journal targets an important mindset structure, so you can choose any one of these and incorporate it into your routine with your kids!