The Equilibrium Journey Series

At The Equilibrium Journal, we believe that life is a journey of discovering and rediscovering our unique definition of equilibrium, and of building it into our lives one day at a time. 

The mission of this interview series is to uncover unique definitions of equilibrium, and to get a glimpse into how remarkable people around the world design their everyday lives. We hope that by capturing and weaving together these inspiring journeys, we can mobilize more people to design, live, and grow the lives they envision for themselves. This digital interview consists of 3 parts:

  1. Your unique definition of equilibrium
  2. A journal capture of your everyday life
  3. Photo captures of your everyday moments

Thank you for dedicating this time and space to share your equilibrium with us, and very much looking forward to experiencing equilibrium through your eyes,

The Equilibrium Journal team


A Quick Introduction

Help our readers get to know & connect with you!

part 1

Equilibrium is...

Equilibrium means something different to each and every one of us. What does equilibrium mean to you? What does it look and feel like at this stage of your life?

Part 2

A Day In Your Equilibrium Journey

On the left, you’ll find a PDF of The [Daily] Equilibrium Framework. This intuitive framework is designed to mirror your patterns and capture a complete (top to bottom) & balanced (left to right) perspective of each day. 

Feel free to download and edit the PDF using an editing tool like  Small PDF or make a copy of our design on CanvaOnce you’re done, please upload your PDF on the right.

part 3

Moments of Everyday Equilibrium

Finally, select a few photos (including a headshot) for us to include in your interview.