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Hi there, I’m Hillary Wen, creator of The Equilibrium Journal.

The Equilibrium Journal exists for the leaders, creatives, and change-makers on a mission to building their legacy while also living their most vibrant, fulfilled lives.

We believe that equilibrium is a universal journey—that we’re each on a journey to finding what equilibrium looks like in our everyday lives. If you’re commited to living a life that belongs entirely to you, our sole purpose is to help you navigate your journey to daily equilibrium, and to keep you inspired in discovering new ways to grow your life.

If this is you, sign our open letter today and get access to all the resources below, including free access to our Equilibrium Sundays newsletter, where we share weekly mindset & lifestyle experiments that range from thought-provoking questions to mental models to behavioral and mindset shifts—all designed to expand our capacity and perspective. My hope is that through these experiments, we can collectively build our equilibrium, one week at a time. 

Join us,

An open letter

Today, I join remarkable individuals all around the world to make a commitment to myself— 

To believe fiercely in my vision for the world, for my life, and for myself, even when I’m the only one who can see it—because this is My Equilibrium Journey

To keep designing, living, and growing the life I know is possible for me

To keep experimenting with new ways to grow my joy, my potential, and my life, and continuously shape what equilibrium means to me

To find comfort in the white space of my life, and to show up every day and do that one thing that brings me back to my equilibrium



The Equilibrium Framework

The Equilibrium Framework

If journaling creates consistency, then the framework of your journal determines the way you consistently live and measure your life.

Built into The Equilibrium Journal is a framework that mirrors each day in your life, complete with alignment, success, and happiness structures to shape your mindset. Best part? You can customize it to your life!


Equilibrium Sunday Newsletter

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Additional resources: TOOLS & ASSESSMENTS

Assessments for you

Life Alignment Audit

Inspired by the principles of The Triple Alignment Model, this audit is designed to identify key areas of misalignment in your life, and to give you deeper clarity into where to properly focus your energy when approaching your life.

The Equilibrium Index

The Equilibrium Index is a scale dedicated to measuring daily equilibrium and fulfillment.  While still a new scale, we believe that it is a significant step toward understanding human mindset and the science behind living a fulfilled life.