About This Equilibrium Question

Extra Time Needed: 1 Minute

Ingredients: Your Equilibrium Journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 7 days

Potential Benefits: Clarity, Focus, Productivity, Success

The Equilibrium Recipe


What am I most likely to procrastinate on tomorrow?


  1. As you’re getting ready for bed, ask yourself this question

  2. In the TOMORROW SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE section, visualize your next day where you do that thing first

  3. Flip to your DAILY CALENDAR section the next day to block out some time (first thing in the morning) for that task!

P.S. When writing down your TODAY’S BIG 3 the next, day, remember to put that item first!

Why This Recipe works

Procrastination is the enemy is productivity.

We’ve all heard of the “do the hardest task first” hack, but sometimes it’s hard to identify that task, and even harder to actually bring yourself to do it. This #equilibriumquestion helps you identify the one item of the day that holds you back from success, and encourages you to face it head on. 

Asking this question at right before bed is incredibly effective as it allows you to visualize your day without that challenging task in the way. Not only will you get a better glimpse of success, but you’ll also be more excited for your day.

And of course, it prepares your mind to tackle the task the night before (which is the hardest part). 

Your turn! In the comments below, let us know that one thing you’re going to tackle first tomorrow.