About This Equilibrium Recipe

Extra Time Needed: N/A

Ingredients: Your journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 1 day

Potential Benefits: Gratitude, Joy, Inspiration

The Equilibrium Recipe


  1. Going through a bit of gratitude fatigue?

  2. If you find yourself drawing a blank in your gratitude sections OR writing the same thing every day, think instead of 3 people or things that have inspired you over the years

  3. Start with something simple, and take a moment to appreciate how it’s shaped your life. It can be a company or project or character from a book

  4. Do this 1x or 2x a day 

Why This Recipe works

Daily gratitude has been a transformative practice that had been linked to significant improvements in stress management, relationships, empathy, health, sleep, self-esteem, depression and so much more. For this reason, many of us have built this practice into our daily regimen.

While daily gratitude has been proven to enhance our lives on countless levels, some researchers believe that our brains may adapt to the positive feelings of the practice, resulting in less powerful results over time. When this happens, it helps to give our brains a break and switch up our regimen for a few days. This helps to regain perspective before you tune back into the full experience of gratitude.

Your turn! Try this gratitude hack for a few days to let the creative juices flow, and share a picture of your journal with us below!