About This Equilibrium Recipe

Extra Time Needed: ~30 Seconds a day

Ingredients: Your journal or any physical calendar

Min Experiment Commitment: 1 month

Potential Benefits: Alignment, clarity, confidence

The Equilibrium Recipe


  1. Following your evening reflection each day, flip over to your monthly section

  2. Transfer your top win from TODAY’S WINS to the monthly section

  3. Align your daily accomplishment back to your IDEAL MONTH and IDEAL SELF in the sections above

  4. Do this every day for 1 month

    Tip: If you don’t want to get too specific, you can also measure your overall fulfillment after each activity

Why This Recipe works

It might seem redundant at first to write down your daily accomplishments twice, but they’re for very different purposes.

The first (in your daily section) is to reflect on your daily accomplishments and celebrate the everyday wins. The second (in your monthly section) is to take a step back and get a clear picture of your focus for the day, and to take a monment to align it back to your bigger goals and your ideal self.

Your turn! This #simpleshift is especially powerful if you’re someone who’s working toward a specific goal. It gives you incredible perspective into the course and direction of your journey. It only takes about 30 seconds a day, and it makes a huge difference.