About This Equilibrium Recipe

Extra Time Needed: 10 Minutes

Ingredients: Your journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 7 days

Potential Benefits: Alignment, focus, clarity 

The Equilibrium Recipe

This #simpleshift works for both goals and projects. If you’re someone who manages multiple projects, this is a great way to keep them relevant in your life


  1. In the NOTES + IDEAS section, list all the projects/goals you’re working on and why they’re important to you [“values”]

  2. List the corresponding values in the DAILY TRACKER section, and color in the bars according to how fulfilled you feel in each area that day

  3. Then, in the REFLECTION + TAKEAWAYS section, list one thing you did today that brought you closer to that value

Why This Recipe works

This is an excellent #simpleshift for freelancers and leaders who have multiple projects to manage. One of the most challenging parts of daily life is figuring out how to fit in all the things we want to do, especially for those of us who have a breadth of passions.

Working on every project everyday would be close to impossible, and frankly, we would burn out fairly quickly. So rather than spreading ourselves thin, our founder, Hillary Wen created this daily checklist routine to ensure that each of her projects are integrated into her life.