About This #Equilibriumquestion

Extra Time Needed: 15 Minutes

Ingredients: Your journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 7 days

Potential Benefits: Clarity, fulfillment, alignment

The Equilibrium Recipe


What is that 1 thing this week that, if accomplished, could change the course of your life?


  1. Use the REFLECTIONS + TAKEAWAYS section to answer this question
  2. After you’re done, remember to take a look at your WEEKLY BIG 3 and DAILY BIG 3 sections. Do they directly support that one thing? If not, adjust your weekly and daily goals

Why This Recipe works

So often we get stuck in the day to day that we forget to step back and look at our lives in whole, to look at our “one day” dreams from where we are. Maybe your “one-day” dream can’t be accomplished in one week. But there is “one thing” you CAN do this week that will kickstart that dream. So do it this week. This week, let’s look at them. Better yet, let’s give them our undivided attention.

Your turn! What is one decision you can make this week that could drastically change your life? Whatever it is, focus all your attention on that.

A shoutout to The 1 Thing for inspiring this #simpleshift!