About This Equilibrium Recipe

Extra Time Needed: 5 Minutes

Ingredients: Your journal, your phone

Min Experiment Commitment: 1 day

Potential Benefits: Gratitude, Happiness, Connection

The Equilibrium Recipe


Looking for a meaningful way to enhance your gratitude regimen? Instead of thinking about what you’re grateful for, feature your loved ones in your daily gratitude practice


  1. Make it a goal to connect with a friend or loved one once in the morning and once in the evening, and ask them what they’re feeling most grateful for
  2. Write their name beside the MORNING GRATITUDE and EVENING GRATITUDE sections of your journal, and document the things that bring them the most joy
  3. Really listen to them and allow them to express the fullness of their happiness, then take a moment to celebrate it together

Why This Recipe works

This #simpleshift is beneficial not only for gratitude and appreciation, but also for building stronger relationships with loved ones.

Maintaining a consistent gratitude practice has its breadth of benefits (including health, mood, productivity, and overall happiness), but studies show that it can also lead to gratitude fatigue. This #simpleshift is a great way to spice up your gratitude regimen and make room for more creative ways to feel grateful.

It’s also a lovely outside-the-box way to connect with loved ones and appreciate the things that bring your loved ones joy.

Your Turn! This week, find out what brings your loved ones joy and celebrate it with them.