About This Equilibrium Recipe

Source: The 3:3 Method, Hillary Wen

Extra Time Needed: N/A

Ingredients: Your journal, your laptop

Min Experiment Commitment: 3 days

Potential Benefits: Focus, productivity

The Equilibrium Recipe


  1. Want to stay hyper focused during the work day while also avoiding burnout?

  2. In TODAY’S BIG 3, set clear intentions the day, and then use your DAILY CALENDAR to time block your work day

  3. Go into your workday with a fully charged laptop, and complete your #1 goal before it runs low on battery

  4. When your battery starts to run low, take a break to recharge (both you and your laptop), and resume your work when your laptop is charged

  5. Do this 3x a day—if you finish early, you leave early

Tip: Do the most challenging task first and you might end your work day sooner! As an additional measure to fight burnout, remember to align your daily intentions wiht your weekly goals.

Why This Recipe works

Similar to the pomodoro technique, this method divides your work day into focus time and break time to help you stay consistently focused while also avoiding burnout.

In addition, it leverages Parkinson’s Law to help you optimize your productivity and eliminate all unnecessary steps and tasks in your work day. Another benefit of using this method over the pomodoro technique is that having the 3:3 ratio helps you build a strong goal-oriented mindset [and set clear intentions] for the work day, making it easier to maintain a more stable and consistent schedule.

We saw a huge difference in productivity within just three days of switching over to this method, and would love to hear your results too.

Your turn! Try this method for three days and let us know how you feel by the end of the third day!