About This Equilibrium Recipe

Time Needed: Just a few seconds before bed

Ingredients: Your journal, an audiobook

Min Experiment Time: 7 days

Potential Benefits: Sleep, mood, energy

The Equilibrium Recipe

  1. Download an audiobook at the beginning of the week, preferrably one you’ve already listened to so it doesn’t keep you up


  1. Add the audiobook to your evening regimen in your DAILY TRACKER section

  2. After you’ve finished your evening routine each night, play the audiobook and mentally transition into sleep mode

  3. Notice how you feel the morning after. Track your mood and energy levels in your daily tracker

Tip: Finding the right book is key. We saw the best results when we listened to something that was outside of our normal genre

Why This Recipe works

There’s a reason why children love bedtime stories. It takes your mind away from the normal day to day and into another world. Plus, there are studies that show that our brains absorb information even in our sleep. 

Remember, this is most effective after you reflect on the day and plan for tomorrow. That way, you can fully complete the day and move foward to start fresh. 

Your turn! What types of audiobooks / genres do you like to wind down to?