About This Equilibrium QUESTION

Extra Time Needed: 30 Minutes

Ingredients: Your journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 1 day

Potential Benefits: Creativity, Clarity

The Equilibrium Recipe


Where & when do you get your best ideas?


  1. Head to the REFLECTIONS + TAKEAWAYS section and reflect on this question

  2. Consider how you can apply this to create the optimal environment for the flow of good ideas

  3. When you plan and visualize your week, keep these environments and activities in mind

    P.S. This can be a specific type of atmosphere or an activity


Why This Recipe works

This question requires you to reflect on different environments and how they affect your creativity throughout the day, and encourages you to be more intentional in harnessing this space as you plan your week.

Your turn! Grab your journal and get those creative juices flowing.