About This Equilibrium Recipe

Extra Time Needed: N/A

Ingredients: Your journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 7 days

Potential Benefits: Gratitude, Confidence, Self-Appreciation

The Equilibrium Recipe


  1. Looking for an extra self-love and confidence boost?

  2. In your MORNING GRATITUDE section, write down 3 decisions you made in the past that you’re grateful for

  3. In your EVENING GRATITUDE scetion, write down 3 decisions you made today that you’re grateful for

    Tip: Notice how you feel before and after your daily gratitude practice

Why This Recipe works

Keeping a daily gratitude list can feel repetitive at times, so it’s important to change [every now and then] how you approach your gratitude practice. This #equilibriumrecipe shifts your focus back to you, and encourages you to reflect on both the big life decisions you made and the little everyday decisions that make a difference in your life.

It’s important to feel grateful for your past self, and the decisions that continue to shape who you are and how you live your life.

Your turn! Let us know in the comments below what decisions you’re most grateful to your past self for