About This Equilibrium Recipe

Extra Time Needed: N/A

Ingredients: Your Equilibrium Journal

Min Experiment Commitment: 7 days

Potential Benefits: Perspective. Growth, Connection, Love

The Equilibrium Recipe


  1. Open your equilibrium journal to this week’s page
  2. In the weekly HABIT VISUALIZATION section, list “Listen to an LGBTQIA+ podcast” as this week’s growth habit
  3. Decide on which podcast you want to listen to, and start thinking about what you want to take away from the podcast
  4. Finally, take a look at your weekly schedule and carve out some time each day to listen to the podcast

Why This Recipe works

This June marks the 51st anniversary of Pride Month, 51 years since that first group marched 51 blocks from Greenwich Village to Central Park.

This week’s recipe is about listening to stories of courage, of love, of human rights.

Your turn! Let us know what podcast you’ll choose this week.