Your Bedtime Regimen

This is the section of the day that most people skip. It’s also the simplest, and arguably the most important part of your day. Here’s why:

The mindset you go to sleep with is the same mindset you wake up with. So if you go to sleep prepared for tomorrow and prepared to show up as the best version of yourself, then that’s exactly how you’ll wake up. 

Remember: your evening regimen is about cleansing and recharging, and your bedtime regimen is about priming your mindset for tomorrow. 

Find this 4-Step Regimen in the last row of your daily section

Before you go to bed, visualize your most successful day tomorrow. What are the top goals you’d like to accomplish tomorrow? How will tomorrow bring you a step closer to your bigger goals? (You can refer back to today’s Daily Big 3 and Next Steps for clarity and inspiration)

This section not only primes your mindset for optimal success, but also builds momentum and excitement for the next day. It’s the difference between waking up and figuring out what to do with your day, and waking up knowing exactly what needs to be done. 

Once you have a solid visual picture of tomorrow, take a moment and think about the parts of tomorrow that you’re most looking forward to. 

This section primes your mindset so you wake up feeling excited for the day. Again, we wake up with the same mindset we fell asleep with, so get into a state of full body excitement!

A quick reminder that there’s no need to fill out every section of your journal everyday. The Equilibrium Framework is designed to mirror a complete day in your life. We know that not everyday is going to be 100%, and by leaving spaces blank in your journal, you’re actually revealing patterns in your life that you may otherwise miss. Let your journal read your story back to you.

P.S. A big part of your journey is learning to find comfort in the white spaces of your journal and your life.