Your Evening Regimen

Most people forget that a strong evening regimen is just as important as a good morning regimen. Building a strong evening regimen allows you to end each day in a powerful state of mind. The goal of your evening regimen is to celebrate and cleanse the day, and to recharge yourself. Again, consistency is key here, and you want something simple that you can repeat every day.

After 3 years of research, design, and testing, we crafted the ultimate 4-step evening regimen that creates the foundation for the most powerful daily clease. Wherever you are in life, this 4-step regimen has everything you need for a complete mindset recharge. Of course you can add, experiment with, or exclude any of these items should you desire. For example, if you’re new to journaling, you may decide to start with one thing in the morning and build your evening from there. 

We recommend that you start with this 4-step regimen before adding other items. Once you’re consistent with your evening regimen, you can head over to The Equilibrium Lab to spice it up.

Find this 4-Step Regimen in the third row of your daily section

No matter where you are in life, one of the most important things you can do for yourself each day is to celebrate your wins. This gives purpose and meaning to the day, and initiates the transition into your evening regimen. 

Notice how this section mirrors your daily goals. Did you achieve your Daily Big 3? If not, what did you do instead? 

Finally, this section is a reminder that all success is built on consistency. Remember to celebrate your wins no matter how small they may feel…to find that one thing you did today that you’re proud of.

After you’ve reviewed your key accomplishments of the day, take a step further to look ahead. What are the next steps in the project? What were the things that you didn’t complete that gets moved to the next day? Or, what are the key lessons from today’s tasks that you want to bring with you into tomorrow?

This section helps you visualize your next steps and brings your work day to a full conclusion.

Once your work day is fully concluded, take a step back and think about all of the good moments of the day. Which moments did you feel the happiest? Take a moment and relive those moments, and then write them down. 

This section shifts the focus back to you, transitions you into a state of fullness, and intiates your evening recharge,.

The very last step of your evening regimen is your evening gratitude. Take a look at the entirely of your day, the entirey of your life, and appreciate the things around you. This section helps you end the day in a place of abundance and positivity.

Notice how this section mirrors your morning gratitude. If you look closely for patterns, you might find that what you’re grateful for in the mornings is different from what you’re grateful for in the evenings. 

A quick reminder that there’s no need to fill out every section of your journal everyday. The Equilibrium Framework is designed to mirror a complete day in your life. We know that not everyday is going to be 100%, and by leaving spaces blank in your journal, you’re actually revealing patterns in your life that you may otherwise miss. Let your journal read your story back to you.

P.S. A big part of your journey is learning to find comfort in the white spaces of your journal and your life.