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In 2020, we launched The Equilibrium Research Lab, a research initiative to connect the notion of equilibrium to mental health and wellness research. 

Out of our research lab, we built The Equilibrium Questionnaire, a scale to measure our everyday equilibrium levels, allowing individuals from all over the world to study their behavioral patterns and how it affects the quality of their days. These assessments are free to use to the general public for personal purposes. 

Inspired by the principles of The Triple Alignment Model, this audit is designed to identify key areas of misalignment in a person’s life, and to provide deeper clarity into where to properly focus their energy when approaching life design.

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The Equilibrium Questionnaire is a 12-question assessment dedicated to measuring daily equilibrium levels, and how complete individuals feel in their everyday lives. Each question is scored on a 0-5 scale and averaged for a final equilibrium score. 

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Although The Equilibrium Questionnaire is a new scale, we truly believe that it is a significant step toward understanding human mindset and the science behind living a fulfilled life. We are currently conducting a series of research studies to better understand the value and limitations of The Equilibrium Questionnaire and its application in life design and human psychology.

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