The Equilibrium Framework​

At the core of our journal and lab is The Equilibrium Framework, a revolutionary framework designed to shape your mindset and how you approach your life. Before launching The Equilibrium Journal, we spent 2+ years researching, designing, and testing this life design framework. A brilliant blend of structure and flexibility, The Equilibrium Framework is embedded intricately with principles and structures designed to shape your mindset and drastically transform how you approach, live, and measure your life. 

Your mindset and lifestyle are the most powerful determinants of your happiness, success, and ultimately, of a life well lived. Combined, they have the power to catalyze large scale political and social movements. These two powerful variables go hand-in-hand, and through The Equilibrium Framework, we set this extraordinary combination of raw ingredients into your capable hands

How you live each day is how your live your entire life

The Equilibrium Framework is a raw framework for your most complete life. Fully integrated with The Equilibrium Roadmap, it captures your greater life goals and integrates them seamlessly into the rhythm of each month, week, and day. 

Completeness: (Top to bottom view)

Our daily pages mirror the entirety of your day from beginning to end, capturing your morning, daytime, evening, and bedtime regimen in an elegant sense of unity, wholeness, and perspective going into and out of each day.

Designed to mirror a complete day from beginning to end, The Equilibrium Framework approaches each day from a fresh and holistic perspective, encouraging you to enter each day from a place of fullness and end each night prepared and excited for tomorrow.

Balance: (Left to right view)

The left and right pages mirror one another in a delicate symbol of equilibrium in life, a yin and yang of success and happiness, of doing and being, of work and life.

Customize your journal, customize your life

Our flexible design allows you to customize the framework to your unique journey, build your routine as you go, and consistently experiment with new lifestyles and ways to grow your life. Wherever you are in life, our framework meets you right there and grows with you.

Plus, we’ve built an amazing experiential lab to guide you every step of the way. Wondering how it works? Simple as a 1-2-3!

Step 1: Build your regimen
Step 2: Experiment and grow
Step 3: Measure your progress

The Missing Ingredient

If journaling creates consistency, then the framework of our journal determines the way we consistently live and measure our lives. Journaling is known to influence our rhythm and habits, and built into many journals are positive habits that shape the direction of our days. In 2017, we discovered the ingredient missing in all previous journals: the foundational framework. What we realized was that the most powerful aspect of a journal isn’t in the habits it builds, but in the mindset it shapes. The focus of this journal is to help you design and customize your life — to integrate your vision into your daily goals, mindset, and lifestyle, and to approach your life from a fresh, balanced perspective everyday.

The Added Ingredient

One of the beautiful aspects of our design is that our framework removes the pressure to fill out every section everyday. Designed to mirror your life, our highly intuitive framework captures the intricate flow of your days, reflecting your work and life patterns. We know that not everyday is going to be 100%, and there shouldn’t be any pressure to make it so. By embracing the white spaces in your journal, you reveal key patterns in your life and allow your journal to read your story back to you.

The Final Ingredient

The final ingredient is you. This is your story, and the framework gives you everything you need to build, live, and grow this story. Within it is everything you love about past journals plus all that was missing before.

If you don’t live by design, you’ll end up living all your life by default

We can get so absorbed in the day to day that we forget the most important things in life. We want to help you build a life that belongs entirely to you, and that means living each day on your own terms. Our daily framework meets you in your precise element, helping you integrate your bigger life goals into your daily lifestyle, approach each day from a holistic perspective, and continuously balance all the important things in life.