The Equilibrium Roadmap​

The Equilibrium Journal opens up to The Equilibrium Roadmap, a life alignment roadmap. Inspired by The Triple Alignment Model, an organizational alignment tool, our roadmap guides you through the incredible journey of aligning your goals with your mission, and integrating them into your mindset and lifestyle. Through this roadmap, you will follow a series of exercises to align your goals with your vision, mission, and values, and then integrate them into your everyday routine and lifestyle.

The purpose of The Equilibrium Roadmap is to ensure that every aspect of your life aligns back to your greater vision…that every thought, action, and decision brings you closer to your best life and the very best version of you.


This powerful roadmap brings unparalleled clarity and definition to your ideal life and ideal self, helping you identify exactly what you need to do, who you need to be in the next 90 days to live the life you envision


Alignment is a life mindset, and it exists in everything you do—from your daily tasks to your strategic goals, and ultimately, your entire life. Alignment is what gives our goals meaning and momentum


Nothing works without integration. Without integration, all your priorities exist in conflict with each other. It’s the integration of all the different areas of your life that creates balance and ultimately, connects your life

The Triple Alignment Model: The Triple Alignment Model is a strategic model and tool that helps leaders continuously build and measure for alignment in their lives, relationships, teams, and organizations. Through the model, you can continuously measure and build the life and organization that you envision, quickly identify the source of any misalignment

Vision: Your vision is your purpose and the fundamental “why” behind everything you do. It’s the life and world that you’re building. Every aspect of your life and organization should come together to bring this vision to life.

Mission: Your mission stands at the very center of your vision. Unlike your vision, your mission is action-oriented, giving your vision a core focus. Everything you do should align back to your mission.

Goals: Your goals are the support system for your mission. They work together to power and build momentum toward your mission. All your goals should support each other and directly fuel your mission.

Values: Your values are the principles and structures that define you, the glue that holds everything together. It’s everything from how you show up everyday to the people and environment you surround yourself with.

Triple Alignment: Triple Alignment is an optimal state of alignment achieved through the continuous alignment of your vision, mission, goals, and values.

Step 1: Vision Board

Everything begins with your why. In The Vision Board, you will define your vision for the world, for your life, and for yourself, and then connect it all back to the next 90 days

Step 2: Mission Board

Your mission is the core purpose and sole focus of this quarter. In The Mission Board, we will help you visualize and clarify a mission that brings your vision to life

Step 3: Goal Board

Your goals are the pillars that power your mission. In The Goal Board, you will not only define your top 3 goals, but also establish accountability measures to keep you motivated

Step 4: Value Board

In order to level up your life, you must first level up your self. In The Value Board, you will visualize the person you aspire to be, and then set parameters to hold yourself accountable to your ideal self

Step 5: Habit Board

Our habits are the greatest determinants of our lives. In The Habit Board, you will integrate your vision, mission, goals, and values to into your most complete, fulfilled life

Step 6: Integration Board

Next, you will visualize what your ideal week will look and feel like this quarter, setting you into the proper mindset to kickstart your quarter

Final Step: Alignment Board

The final step is to plug everything back into The Triple Alignment Model. This not only gives you a complete perspective of your quarter, but also helps you identify and measure for any misalignment

Most people don’t realize that the most important part of goal setting isn’t setting the goals, it’s aligning them back to your vision, mission, and values.

Without alignment of our goals, we set goals that don’t fuel our greater vision and mission, goals that don’t support each other—and then forget to build accountability measures, mindset and habit structures, and the proper inspiration to keep us motivated. Our life design roadmap guides us through every step of this process and helps us continuously measure for alignment in our goals and in our lives.