The Equilibrium Mindset​

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of The Equilibrium Journal is the mindset you build day-in and day-out through the principles built into each journal. Building a strong mindset is the very key to a life well lived. It’s about understanding that the life of your dreams is built one day, one thought at time, that your mindset translates into everything you do, every decision you make. Your sole job in this life is to discover (and rediscover) exactly what equilibrium looks and feels like in your life, and build it into your life one day, one action at a time. 

Our roadmap and framework come together to help you prime your mindset for the person you want to be, for the life you want to live, and below are the principles that come together to help you maintain a strong mindset and equilibrium in your life.


If you don’t live by design, you’ll end up living all your life by default. 

Remember — you are writing your story, with every thought, decision, and action you take. Let Your Equilibrium Journal read your story back to you and reveal the patterns in your life. Remember, not everyday is going to be 100%, so learn to embrace the white spaces, the in-betweens and transitions of life.


We believe that alignment is the principle that stands at the core of every successful individual and organization. This principle is deeply embedded into every section of every page in this journal. Beginning from The Equilibrium Roadmap, our journal represents a continuous journey of alignment and realignment. From a broader perspective, it’s ensuring that the goals you set for yourself reflect your bigger vision, and that your environment, inner circle, and habits come together to support your goals. In the day to day, it’s making sure every decision brings you closer to achieving your goals.


While alignment gives you clarity into where to direct your focus, integration connects all the separate areas of your life to create a complete story. Without integration, all your priorities exist in conflict with each other. From The Equilibrium Roadmap to The Equilibrium Framework, one of the most essential lessons of your journey is learning to connect all the different areas of your life in a way that feels right to you.


Balance is a mindset you carry with you in and out of each day. True balance isn’t about dividing your focus evenly, but about defining what is most important to you, and then devoting your energy there. The left and right pages of The
Equilibrium Framework allow you to follow these delicate patterns in your life, and to shape your understanding of what balance means to you.


The flexibility of The Equilibrium Framework encourages you to approach each month, week, and day with heightened agility. Fully adaptable to your shifting priorities, this framework prepares your mind to adapt and respond quickly to change. It’s about realizing that no 2 days need to be the same, that every decision is an opportunity to change the course of your life. You can choose to live the same day 91 times, or you can choose to live a new life each day.


The highly intuitive design of The Equilibrium Framework removes all pressure to fill out every section of every day. Instead, the spaces in your journal reveal the intricacies of your monthly, weekly, and daily patterns, allowing you to constantly learn new things about yourself. These white spaces not only represent your patterns, but also a continuous journey of patience and acceptance.


As you grow, your priorities change, and routines that worked for you in the past may no longer serve you. One of the most important parts of your equilibrium journey is building a growth mindset and being open to new ideas, perspectives, and routines. The flexibility of The Equilibrium Framework inspires this growth mindset, encouraging you to keep experimenting with new routines as you grow your life. Each stage of your life requires a new you, and your job is to continue to grow and optimize your life for the person you aspire to be.

If you’re committed to building your life with The Equilibrium Journal and one day you decide you don’t need a journal anymore, you’ll still wake up counting all the things you’re grateful for and looking forward to. When you set goals, you will always take an extra step forward to align them back to your greater mission, vision, and values. When you’re getting ready for bed at night, you’ll hear that little voice in your head asking, “What does success look and feel like tomorrow?

As your priorities change so does your definition of equilibrium.

Some days, Equilibrium is

Giving your work your 110%

Some days, Equilibrium is

Focusing solely on YOU

Some days, Equilibrium is

living life to the fullest

Some days, Equilibrium is

just making it out of bed

Some days, Equilibrium is

working first, playing later

Some days, Equilibrium is

A Single Moment of Gratitude

What's important is that you find that one moment of equilibrium in each day no matter what